Sunday, September 11, 2011

Getting Back in Touch

As many of you know, I have been working in Fort Worth much of the last 6 months.  The money has been good but the constant travel has taken a toll on my quilting and documenting. 

Well I am back!

I have finished the baby quilt for the nephew but the photos will follow.

I have been working on the Baltimore Album and have about 60 inches of the final dog tooth border to finish.  That photo will follow as well.

I am just about done with the Sylvia's Wedding Quilt.  I have come to appreciate how demanding a two color quilt is.  When your only contrast comes from value in a small space, it is a greater challenge than I expected.  I have learned that previewing the pre-cut blocks on the design wall from 5-10 feet away is to evaluate the visual impact of different fabrics.

I drafted most of the blocks into EQ7 so that I could use paper piecing to put the blocks together.  In a 6 inch block, being off just a little on your seam allowance is highly visible whereas the paper piecing kept my seams straight and points sharp.

I decided to use the Peaky & Spike style sashing to create a more circular look to the blocks with a touch of shared space.  The blocks are small enough and busy enough that I thought that it called for a setting that gave a design reason to the busy blocks.

Now I have a couple more blocks to finish and then move the blocks around to balance the lights and darks with the horizontals versus the stars versus the circulars.......

In the next couple of weeks I anticipate getting caught up on the blog as I finish both Sylvia's and the Baltimore Album