Saturday, December 28, 2013

I'm Back!

I can't believe how fast the past 15 months have flown by.  As many know I took an interim director's job in Reno for the last year and just now am catching up with my prior life.  One thing that living alone in a furnished studio apartment for 11 months will do for you is give you time to reflect on family, friends and quilts.  I got a lot done in the last year so there will be a number of postings all in a row.

Starting at the first of the year.  January 2013 was the Glad's Staff Quilt Show.  For 2013 we had a theme of early Glad Creations Quilt Patterns.  I chose the Migration By Night with a reverse color palette.The quilt was made for my son who is a helicopter pilot in the Army. 

I made a few adjustments to add some blocks to take the pattern out to a full queen size.  I also added a flying geese border to tie the theme back in and add more size. I love the flying geese pattern, and stars are an all-time favorite, so this quilt worked for me on a number of levels.  The batiks were fun to work with and a project I would be willing to do again.  I love the way the blocks go together and fit the border without a lot of fussing


Page Johnson of The Quilting Page worked with me to design a quilting motif that fits the piecing layout well.  I thought it was brilliant that she used the lime green thread for the quilting.  The bright color really makes a statement on the quilt and helps tie all the smaller pieces together.

This quilt won 2nd place at the Machine Quilt Festival, in Manchester New Hampshire, for Computerized Quilting.