Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sample Quilt

In a later post I will tell you about the challenge that started this quilt for now we will just talk about the quilt.

I was challenged to use some colors that are a bit of a stretch for me and found a goodly selection of the right colors in the Amana Colony quilt shop when Steve was at a handtools wood working weekend event.  I also found the pattern at the Woolen Needle in Willamsburg, Iowa.  Their design is for wool applique but I thought it would be a great practice piece for Karen Kay Buckley's machine applique technique.  When I looked at my purchases I realized that the one complemented the other and I was off to the races.

So far I have the center nine-patches made and assembled plus the flying geese border.  I decided that it is coming out better than expected so I am redoing some of the flying geese where the tips got cut off.  Next is the wide outer border and a really nice gentle applique design.  It should be good practice for me.  I have some ideas for the binding that is a little different too.  We will see as this project comes to closure.

More to come on this one....

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